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street parking

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Aggieville and City Park contain a number of limited-time parking areas. These can include limits on a certain number of hours, restriction on certain days, or certain ranges of hours of parking restrictions.

Areas with those limits and restrictions can be located in Manhattan City Code of Ordinances Chapter 31. The Parking Services Division is responsible for active enforcement of all timed street parking areas and parking lots, including those in Aggieville, to comply with new requirements.

Please note that this new ordinance has reduced Aggieville street parking from 3 hours to 2 hours to match the current downtown time limits. The first 2 hours will remain free in the Aggieville Garage, but you MUST REGISTER your vehicle.

Note: This 2-hour limit is on a per-block basis. If you move your vehicle within the same block but it stays on that block for more than 2 consecutive hours, it will be ticketed as if it was not moved at all.

Public parking is available in the Aggieville business districts. View a map of available public parking in Aggieville.

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