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1101 Moro St, Manhattan, KS 66502

(785) 341-1455


Monday-Thursday: 7pm-2am

Friday-Saturday: 5pm-2am

Weekly Specials

Monday: $3 Crown, $2.50 Domestic Bottles $2 Trulys


Tuesday: $2 Tuesday $2 Wells, $2.50 Pounders, $2 Truly, $2 Seashots 


Wednesday: $4 Double Wells, $3 Pounders, $2 Seashots, $1 Rummy Bears 


Thursday: $3 Mexi-Beers $2 Seashots $1 Rummy Bears


Friday and Saturday: 1/2 price Happy Hour 5pm-8pm 

After 8pm $3 Wells, $3.50 Pounders, $2 Seashots, Rummy Bears

Job Opportunities

Contact Mojos to learn about any job openings.

Ready for the luau? Come on down to Aggieville's ONLY Beach Bar! Grab a tropical drink, and you will have no idea you're still in Kansas.

Home of the "Shark Attack"

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